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Mexico Insurance isn’t just for those who like to be “careful,” it’s now the law. Matter of fact, if you plan on traveling to Mexico, the minimum coverage limit required (as of 2012) is $20,000. A driver can be asked to provide such proof of Mexico Insurance at border crossings or traffic stops. To avoid a ticket, the first thing you’ll need to know is that your U.S. auto (or RV) coverage is not sufficient. Without Mexico coverage, your vehicle could be impounded or you could be jailed.

The government of Mexico strictly regulates the importation of vehicles into the country. If you plan to driver further than the Border Zone or the Sonora Free Trade Zone (including the Baja California Peninsula), you will be expected to obtain a vehicle importation permit in addition to having Mexico Auto Insurance.

Make sure your trip to Mexico is as safe as it possibly can be. Auto Insurance Specialists is on your side when you need assistance translating your travel needs into an affordable policy that makes perfect sense.

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Our partner, International Insurance Group, offers a wide variety of coverage for liability, damage, theft, travel assistance, towing, medical payments and more.

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Daily Policies: For the exact length of your trip
6 or 12 Month Policies: For longer stays or when you are frequently in and out of Mexico at unpredictable intervals

Why take the chance of getting stopped or have to wait in a long line at the border? Obtaining insurance is easy, affordable, and safe. You can call MexPro toll-free at (877) 774-2868 or click "Start Quote" below to complete your application online and have your policy issued in less than five minutes.

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