Breanna Coleman

Insurance Specialist

Call me directly: (866) 520-7335 ext.78714

What do you like most about what you do?

I like AIS for its good working environment. I also enjoy helping those in need of insurance.

Why did you decide to come work for AIS? What keeps you here?

I decided to work for AIS to utilize my management, leadership and administrative skills in order to have a positive influence on the company's growth and success.

What is your goal as an Insurance Specialist?

My goal is to acheive my full potential as a sales representative at AIS.

What tips do you share with your customers?

I tell my customers to look for discounts. This can definitely help them reduce their premium!

How can you be contacted?

Give me a call at (866) 520-7335 ext. 78714 for a free personalized quote. Or complete the form below and I’ll contact you. It would be my pleasure to help you figure out which of our insurance partners can save you the most money and offer you the best coverage.

Breanna Coleman

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AIS Referral Rewards

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