Whether you have a high-performance bike, scooter or customized motorcycle, let an AIS agent find you the right level of protection at an affordable rate.

Let Us Protect the Bike You Love

When riding a motorcycle, it's critical to have the appropriate levels of protection, including safety and coverage. Attending riding instruction courses, always wearing a helmet, regular upkeep and bike maintenance are effective ways to stay protected. Other safeguards like installing an alarm and wheel locks, as well as carrying sufficient insurance will help prevent the theft of your motorcycle and contribute to a safe and enjoyable riding experience. 

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Bundle & Save More

We're here to help you save as much money as possible, without sacrificing coverage. Consider combining the purchase of an auto, renters, homeowners, or recreational vehicle policy with your motorcycle insurance for a discount. Looking to combine a different policy? Check out all the insurance products our carriers cover, which may be more than you think.

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Compare Multiple Carriers

Why visit numerous websites or make several phone calls when you can do everything right here? At AIS, we partner with multiple top-rated insurance companies to make it easy to compare quotes and get the right rate and coverage for you and your motorcycle. 

Personalize Your Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Your motorcycle is more than just a ride. It’s also more vulnerable than a car. That’s why you need dependable motorcycle insurance. We cover all types of bikes, but if you have a customized motorcycle, you may want to secure additional coverage. This is because a standard policy generally does not cover custom or aftermarket parts.

Common Motorcycle Insurance Coverages

Why Should You Choose AIS?

Our AIS agents review all coverage options in detail to find the policy that’s right for you, whether you have a high-performance bike, a scooter, or a customized motorcycle.

Additionally, our insurance specialists provide outstanding customer service without ever charging a broker fee. If you also own a home or car, consider bundling your policies for a multi-policy discount. We're here to find you every price break available.

What are you waiting for? Save on your motorcycle insurance today!

Motorcycle Insurance FAQs

Is motorcycle insurance required?

Nearly all states require bikers to carry a motorcycle insurance policy. Similar to an auto insurance policy, your state typically requires you to have liability insurance that covers bodily injury and property damage caused if you are found at-fault for an accident (up to your policy limits). Speak with an insurance specialist today about the motorcycle insurance requirements in your state. 

How much does motorcycle insurance cost?

Like most insurance policies, there are many factors that determine your motorcycle insurance rate. These variables may include the value of your bike, where you live, your annual mileage, previous driving history, etc. Consider additional coverages like comprehensive and collision for a little extra per month to have greater peace of mind. In the U.S., the average motorcycle insurance cost is about $50/month in 2023. 

Do I need motorcycle insurance year-round?

Not all bikers ride their motorcycle year-round, so you may think canceling your policy during off-season will save you a few dollars. However, if your motorcycle is stolen or damaged, you won't be covered (without comprehensive coverage). Or, if you opt to take a ride without insurance and get into an accident, you'll be paying for any injuries or damages out of your own pocket. Canceling your policy mid-term may also have strings attached, so make sure to check the fine print or speak with an insurance agent before you cancel. 

Is my special equipment covered? 

Wondering if your motorcycle's custom bodywork, special chroming, or upgraded tires are covered by your policy? The state minimum liability insurance on your policy does not cover anything that isn't standard by the manufacturer. To protect your bike's customizations, consider adding comprehensive coverage. However, not all carriers provide the same coverage, so speak with your agent to know if your policy protects custom parts.

Are there motorcycle insurance discounts?

A common way to save money on your insurance is to qualify for a multi-policy discount. You may receive this discount when you bundle multiple insurance policies together with the same carrier, like your car and motorcycle. You may also qualify for a motorcycle insurance discount if you take a safety course, have an airbag or anti-lock brakes, or are a preferred operator. Keep in mind that discounts may vary by carrier.

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