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Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Protection that covers more than just your home.

What is covered by a homeowners insurance policy?

When you have the right coverage, there's no stress about the roof over your head. A standard homeowners insurance policy typically covers:

  • The physical structure of your home*
  • Permanent structures on your property*
  • Your personal property (i.e. furniture, clothes, electronics and more)*
  • Personal liability against damage or injury*
  • Loss of use if you're unable to live in your home during repairs*

At AIS, we make home insurance easy. Our insurance specialists help you customize coverages to your unique home, so that you have peace of mind without overpaying. Start your free online quote with AIS today.

*Coverages vary based on your policy's limits. Check with your insurance provider to confirm the terms of your policy and determine if you need additional coverage.

See what customers have to say about AIS

five star review

"The AIS rep was an absolute pleasure to work with. My mom and I moved out of state, they helped us from one state to the new state with auto and home. Saved jointly over $1,000 a year, doubled our coverage, and did it while joking and laughing. First time I ever enjoyed talking with an insurance rep."

- Derek M.

five star review

"Wow! AIS helped us secure a quality homeowners insurance policy when we were being rejected elsewhere because of a past water damage claim. They were kind and followed up promptly. They were nonjudgmental of our claim history."

- Christina G.

five star review

"AIS was tremendously helpful in setting me up with homeowners and vehicle insurance. Bundling the two saved money and I have even better home coverage when compared to the renewal of my previous insurance company. After getting five other quotes, I recommend AIS. You'll be happy!"

- Bee Y.

five star review

"AIS has been representing me and my insurance needs, both auto and home, over 25 years and I've absolutely no complaints. They have reviewed my options and coverages and made suggestions which led to lower rates and premiums. I've recommended them several times and will continue to."

- Theodore V.