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Welcome to AIS.

We became auto insurance specialists so you don’t have to be.  Start confidently at AIS and you’ll be quickly matched with the insurance company that’s right for you today and the assistance you can depend on for tomorrow. With rates that work for you and a range of insurance providers to choose from, we’ll help you get well covered for less money in no time. No need to visit website after website all over the internet. Just tell us about you once and be a few clicks away from comparison quotes from the best names in the business.  

We’re not just specialists for auto insurance, we offer a range of products you can count on from home insurance, small business insurance, motorcycle insurance and more.  AIS is here for the long run.  We started selling California auto insurance over 45 years ago – longer than most agencies have even been around.  Today, we find great insurance deals for drivers, property and business owners from California to Florida to Maine and everywhere in between.  Search once and for all with AIS.