Javier Cano

Insurance Specialist

Call me directly: (866) 520-7335 ext.75225

What do you like most about what you do?

What I like most about what I do everyday is helping others. Whether its saving them money or providing great customer service, it feels good to know that I was able to help so many people.

What tips do you share with your customers?

The best tip I have for my customers is to NEVER pay broker fees!

What is the most money you've helped a customer save as an Insurance Specialist?

The most savings I was able to find a customer was around $950 a year!

How can you be contacted?

Give me a call at (866) 520-7335 ext. 75225 for a free personalized quote. Or complete the form below and I’ll contact you. It would be my pleasure to help you figure out which of our insurance partners can save you the most money and offer you the best coverage.

Javier Cano

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AIS Referral Rewards

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