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Understanding ATV Insurance

Whether you're taking a smooth ride across the desert&nbsp or four-wheeling the muddy fields, you need to make&nbsp sure you are protected with accurate ATV coverage.&nbsp Not only do you want to protect the ATV you have&nbsp invested in, ATV insurance is required in most states&nbsp if you’re driving on state-owned land.  AIS RV knows&nbsp you love your ATV, so why not make sure you have&nbsp the proper ATV insurance coverage before you hit&nbsp the trails.

Keep in mind; you will also want to make sure you are&nbsp protected if your ATV is damaged or stolen. Your  homeowners’ policy may not cover your ATV once it  leaves your home, so getting the right coverage is  important before you get on (or off) the road.  Contact  AIS RV today at (800) 449-8943 to speak to one of our  specialists who will be able to walk you through the  different coverages available.  We will help you build a  policy specifically designed for your lifestyle and give  you the peace of mind and protection you need.  

Available Coverages

This coverage is to protect against legal (financial) responsibility for bodily injury and property damage in an ATV accident which is held to be the operator's fault.

The carrier may offer guest passenger liability as a separate coverage, which would cover injury to a passenger in an accident which was the fault of the operator of the ATV the passenger was riding.

This provides coverage for the operator and passenger(s) of a vehicle when injured in an accident which is the fault of someone that carries no insurance or not enough insurance. It covers bodily injury and may cover property damage depending on the state.

Comprehensive and collision cover damage to an insured's ATV. Comprehensive covers loss caused by such things as theft, vandalism, fire, etc. Collision is an impact of an ATV with another object or person. This coverage pays for damage to the ATV in the event of the above and is usually subject to a deductible.

An optional coverage which pays for the medical expenses of the named insured, members of his/her family, and passengers of his/her vehicle if injured in a collision accident. The named insured and relatives are also covered if struck as a pedestrian. This coverage is excess to any other medical insurance. AIS will help you customize the right policy for your adventures.

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Question: What is the difference between an ATV and a UTV?

Answer: A UTV is usually a two person vehicle that includes a truck bed and roll cage. An ATV is usually a one person vehicle with handlebar steering.


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