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Before you choose a state to call home, look at the total financial picture--an insurance rate might be low in a particular area, but it may be offset by the state tax and licensing regulations. Be thorough in your research so you can determine the cumulative expense. AIS RV suggests researching the following:

  • Vehicle Registration

    Each state has different vehicle registration requirements. If you are considering using a mail-forwarding service once you go full-time, check with the Department of Licensing to see if you're able to use your mail-forwarding address for vehicle registration. Some states allow a mail-service address to be used and others require a physical address.

  • Mail Services

    Check the total fee involved for the number of times you want your mail forwarded each month. Mail forwarding services provided by the Escapees RV Club is approved and meet vehicle registration requirements for the club's home state--Texas.

  • State Income Tax

    There are a handful of states without a state income tax. If you choose a state with an income tax, your requirement to file will depend on your source and level of income.

  • Property Tax

    Some states have a personal property tax that applies to RVs and their belongings. Consider the property tax rate and requirements before choosing your state of domicile.

  • Inheritance Or Estate Tax

    Some states have an estate tax exemption for spouses. Inheritance tax varies by state and is paid by the heirs on their inheritance.

  • Jury Duty

    States select jury candidates from either driver licenses or voter registration. When choosing a state of domicile, consider a state in which you wouldn't mind returning for jury duty for an extended period of time.

  • RV And Auto Insurance

    Rates vary by state and even county. Policy features can also vary by state. Our agency can easily generate comparison quotes for you if you have a few addresses to compare. Before you purchase a policy, establish whether or not the insurance company requires a physical address. Sometimes a mailing service address is acceptable.

Contact your insurance provider

If you're already insured, it critical you notify your insurance provider about your plans to live in your RV full-time. Standard auto carriers are usually unable to cover your RV once they know you have made it your primary residence and even if they can still insure you, auto coverage is very limited compared to specialty RV insurance. It is important to have it in writing if they say they can cover full-timing!

Avoid gaps in coverage

Insure your RV through a specialty RV insurance provider. Specialty insurance providers, like AIS RV Insurance, know how to properly protect your assets. If you sell your home and no longer have a homeowner policy, a specialty RV policy will cover the comprehensive personal liability and personal effects coverage you're losing.

Health insurance

It important to confirm your coverage is in force during long periods of travel and that you're covered if you choose a new state of domicile. Emergency health care is likely extended under your plan when you're traveling, but routine health care coverage may be limited.

Driver license requirements

Many states require a physical address. If you are considering a mailing service, be sure to confirm the address will work.

Most popular registration states for RVers

The majority of full-time RVers choose to register their vehicles in one of the following three states:

    • Florida
    • Texas
    • South Dakota 

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