Insurance Articles

According to industry statistics, 90% of RVers are underinsured because they have their Motor Home (RV) insured with an auto policy. It's an alarming number because most people are unaware of the specialty coverage needed to properly insure something as unique as a Motor Home (RV). As a combination of an automobile and a home, RVs require coverage that extends to all features. 

Standard Policy vs. Specialty RV Policy

The following includes insurance articles to help you learn how to best protect your investment and lifestyle. In addition, we've included a few articles about common claims to help you avoid a similar loss. Take a few minutes to complete an inventory worksheet of the items in your Motor Home (RV).

28 Driving Tips You Shouldn't Drive Off Without

Here are some driving tips to help you be aware of safety risks.

34 Fire Facts that Can Save Your Life

The following tips can help you recognize the most common bus fire hazards and protect yourself from the damage and injury fires are notorious for causing.

Basics for Towing

Let us give you a few pointers when it comes to towing a vehicle behind your RV.

Braking Basics

Here are some practical tips to help you brake safely in your RV.


Here are some facts you need to know when becoming a full-timer.

Help is on the Way

What would you do if your RV had a wheel stuck under the guardrail? Read more to find out some tips to navigate your road assistance needs.

Insurance 101

Here are the basics you need to know to ensure you're properly protected.

Inventory Worksheet

 A quick review of your belongings will tell you if the protection you have is adequate or if your personal contents limit needs to be increased.

Parents' Guide To ATVs

Riding around on an ATV is fun, but if not driven properly it can be a dangerous vehicle, especially if you're young and don't have much driving experience. AIS RV would like to ask you to read the following article to help manage their child's and young friends safety while operating an ATV.

Passenger Overboard

Man overboard! Here’s some advice on how get your passenger back into the boat.

Policy Check-Ups

We've all heard it's important to review our insurance coverage at least once each year to ensure we're covered for the things we need and we're not paying too much for things we don't need. To help make your review process easier, AIS RV has listed a few features you should think about when renewing or just reviewing your specialty RV insurance policy.

Preparing for a Medical Emergency

One of the best decisions you can make as a frequent traveler is to be prepared for a medical emergency on the road. Being properly prepared can help you quickly and efficiently assist a person in need - that person could be someone you love.

Quick Tips for Reducing Fuel Usage

Everyone wants to save money on gas. See how you can conserve your gas.

RVing in Mexico

What you need to know before you to go RVing in Mexico.

Safe Riders Guide to Snowmobiling

Here’s some basic information to help new snowmobilers stay safe.

Safe Summer Traveling

Whether you're just taking the cover off the RV for the first time this year or you travel year-round, there are some things to consider when traveling during the hot summer months.

Safety Means Protecting Your Investment

Cover all your bases with safety tips to help you protect the RV you love.

Slide Prevention and Recovery

Having your vehicle go into a slide can be a scary thing. You can feel more comfortable behind the wheel if you understand what causes slides, how to prevent them, and what to do when you experience a slide.

Total Loss Replacement

Let us assist you in navigating Total Loss Replacement coverage and benefits.

Traveling with Propane

Traveling with propane poses a dilemma for RVers: Should it be turned on or off while driving down the road? There are pros and cons to each; therefore, each RVer must weigh the facts and decide which option best suits their comfort level.

Understanding Fire Extinguishers

Most people know it's wise to keep several fire extinguishers in an RV, car, boat and house. However, going through the process of choosing which fire extinguisher is the best for each situation can be difficult. There are a variety of fire extinguishers on the market and a number of factors that affect each individual's buying decision.

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