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Policy Check Ups

We've all heard it's important to review our insurance coverage at least once each year to ensure we're covered for the things we need and we're not paying too much for things we don't need. To help make your review process easier, AIS RV has listed a few features you should think about when renewing or just reviewing your specialty RV insurance policy.

Personal Contents Coverage

Itemize your valuables to ensure you're fully covered for things like house wares, tools or sporting equipment that could be stolen or damaged in your travels. Print a helpful inventory worksheet now.

Diminishing Deductibles

If you've been a policyholder with us for at least one year and have not filed a claim, you're more than likely enjoying the benefit of Diminishing Deductibles with a 25% reduction in your deductible expense. With this policy feature, each year you're without a claim, your deductible will decrease by another 25% until you've been claim-free for four years, at which time your deductible will be $0 until your next claim.

Full-Timer Coverage

If you're considering making the transition to full-timing, make sure you speak with a AIS RV representative about Full-Timer Coverage. Your policy can include personal liability, extended personal contents coverage and additional emergency expense coverage.

Agreed Value Coverage

If you're driving a bus conversion or classic GMC coach, check your policy for Agreed Value Coverage. This coverage protects your vehicle from the effects of depreciation. With this coverage, a professional appraiser or industry expert will assess the value of your vehicle and provide that information to your specialty RV insurance provider. In the event of a total loss, the value of your coach is documented and you will receive an accurate settlement that reflects the assessed value of your special vehicle.

When reviewing your policy, remember that AIS RV Insurance also offers unlimited towing and roadside assistance, emergency expense coverage, campsite liability and coverage for awnings and attachments. You don't have to go it alone--give us a call at 800-449-8943 or email us and one of our knowledgeable and friendly agents will assist you with reviewing your coverage.

Disclaimer: The information in this article was obtained from various sources. This content is offered for educational purposes only and does not represent contractual agreements, nor is it intended to replace manuals or instructions provided by the manufacturer or the advice of a qualified professional. The definitions, terms and coverage in a given policy may be different than those suggested here and such policy will be governed by the language contained therein. No warranty or appropriateness for a specific purpose is expressed or implied.

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