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Quick Tips for Reducing Fuel Usage

From www.Discoverboating.com

    • Slower speeds on the water will reduce use.
    • The proper use of trim tabs reduce drag, especially while accelerating up to planning speeds.
    • Minimize the amount of time that you idle at the dock.
    • Minimize the use of onboard generators.
    • Use dock-side electrical power in lieu of generators.
    • Have a float plan so you know exactly where you're going.
    • Make sure the hull is clean.
    • Don't under-power your boat. It's important you have enough motor to handle the load.
    • Check your propeller. If your boat is slow "out of the hole" or lacks top-end speed, you might have the wrong propeller.
    • A well-tuned engine uses less fuel.
    • Use the grade of gasoline specified by the engine manufacturer.

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