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Help Is on the Way: Roadside Assistance for RVers

Everyone seems to be fine, but there's smoke coming from your RV, and one of its wheels is wedged under a guardrail. You get your family out of the vehicle and away from the roadway. As you examine the RV, you realize with a sinking feeling that there's structural damage and the RV can't be driven. What do you do now?

Calling your insurance company should be the first thing that comes to mind. With a network of more than 17,000 pre-qualified service providers available to AIS RV Insurance policyholders, roadside assistance can be dispatched anywhere in the U.S. immediately. And you can rest assured that the right equipment will be sent out to tow your vehicle-regardless if it's a motor home, bus, travel trailer, fifth-wheel, or medium-duty truck. With our sign-and-drive coverage, all you'll have to do is sign for the service and your vehicle will be towed to a qualified repair facility. The roadside service provider will bill your insurance company directly.

Now that your RV has been taken off for repairs, you'll need a place to spend the night. Your policy through AIS RV Insurance can possibly help there as well. The Emergency Expense Allowance feature helps to mitigate expenses incurred immediately following an accident or other covered loss. That includes reimbursement toward transportation, hotel, and even meal expenses. You don't have to cut your travel plans short due to unplanned expenses--your insurance policy through AIS RV is designed to cover such unforeseen occurrences.

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