Know someone who needs Business Insurance? Refer them and earn up to $1,000!

Our Business Referral Program

Many of our Business Insurance customers enjoy our Referral Program because it's an excellent way to help friends find great Business Insurance. Our program is designed to be easy and rewarding for everyone. Your friends find great insurance options for their business through AIS and you get rewarded for it.

We both know it takes trust to recommend a business to a friend and we appreciate every customer who refers us. We like to show that appreciation with a gift card of choice for each business referral. Take a look!

How Do I Refer Someone to AIS?

It's Super Easy

1) Tell your friends to get a Business quote from AIS.

2) They call and mention your name and number.

3) We email you a $100 gift card as a thank you.


Program Terms

  • Eligibility Requirements: The Referral Reward is only available to the insured customers of AIS for Qualified Referrals.
  • Referral Rewards have a lifetime limit of $1,000 per customer.
  • Referring Party (customer) must have a valid email address to receive the Referral Reward as an electronic gift card.

See the full program description and terms.

AIS Referral Program Phone Referral
AIS Referral Program Phone Referral Animation

Choose Your Reward

You can earn up to $1,000! So go ahead. Refer today and enjoy $100 for each referral! It's easy and the rewards are great. Your Referral Reward will be sent directly to your inbox from where you'll be able to choose from any of the following gift cards:


Amazon Referral Reward

Airbnb Referral Reward

The Home Depot

Best Buy

Lowes Referral Reward

Jiffy Lube Referral Reward

Starbucks Referral Reward

Staples Referral Reward

Buffalo Wild Wings Referral Reward

Visa Referral Reward

Choose Your Reward