Cheap Auto Insurance

With AIS, you get high-quality insurance at an unbeatable price.

AIS can find you low rates by shopping dozens of auto insurers.

It is important to note that when we talk about finding "cheap" car insurance we are not talking about low quality insurance. We have spent many years building strong relationships with our carrier partners so we can provide you with the most competitive rates from many of the most trusted companies in the nation.

At AIS, our licensed specialists know how to find the best price for the coverage you need. They'll use their know how to help you choose a company that's right for your needs, at a price that's right for your budget. Whether you have a specific price in mind or simply want to look at your options, we'll find you a variety of competitive insurers.

How can you guys access such great deals?

We do some smart things at AIS just to get your premiums as affordable as possible. They’re no secret, either. Check it out.

  • We shop multiple companies and programs to find the best match for your driving record and needs

  • We use our detailed understanding of discounts provided by each insurer, and how they might apply to you

  • We search options that can save you money, such as changing your deductible

  • We can help "package" your insurance policies to go with one insurer for big savings

We're here for you.

With a customer service staff four times the size of our sales staff, our commitment to serving you is clear. AIS offers 24 hour service on along with customer service by phone during business hours.

Tips for finding low auto insurance rates.

You’re a big part of your insurance rates. We can help you find the best available, but you can help yourself get affordable insurance, too. How?

  • Try for a clean driving record - prior accidents or moving violations can have a significant negative impact on your rates

  • Use the same coverage amounts and deductibles and compare quotes before you choose a carrier (AIS can help you do this-- it’s our formula for quality and savings.)

  • Take advantage of all applicable discounts-- we can help you find them, too.

  • Be wary of high-performance cars which can drive your rates up

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