Required Insurance Verification Documents

Your insurance company may require information for one or more of the following items. To avoid a possible premium increase or cancelation of your policy, please provide this information by the date specified on the notice you received. The list below is not comprehensive, other items may be required.

Please send the required documents (including your policy number) to:

Email (preferred):


Mercury Insurance
P.O. Box 10730
Santa Ana, CA 92711-0730

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate your patronage and look forward to serving you.


Take a total of four photographs showing all four sides of the vehicle. Confirm the photos are clear and show an unobstructed view of the vehicle.

How To Take Photos:

          • Two photos showing the front and rear. Be sure to capture the complete license plate.

          • Two photos showing the driver side and passenger side. Be sure that the windows are rolled up.

how to take photos of vehicle


Proof of Reinstated Driver's License

Valid proof is a copy of a Motor Vehicle Record or an interim driver’s license.

Proof of Prior Liability Insurance

Acceptable documentation includes copies of all relevant declaration pages or a Loss History Letter from your prior insurance company. Proof of prior insurance cannot have more than a 30-day lapse in coverage.

Good Student Discount

Provide proof of full-time student status and a “B” (3.0) average G.P.A. Acceptable documentation includes a copy of the current report card, transcript, or form completed by a school official (this form is available from AIS). If proof is not received by the due date, the discount may be applied as of the date proof is received.

Professional Discount

Provide a copy of the requested degree or Teaching Credential.

Group Discount

Provide proof of your active AAA/Costco/Sam’s Club membership. The information must show the account holder's name, which must match the named insured or listed driver on the policy and confirm the membership is active by showing the membership expiration date. If proof is not received by the due date, the discount may be applied as of the date proof is received.

Examples of Membership Proof:

membership discount proof