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Text Messaging Notifications

Details and Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

Our Text Message feature makes it easier for customers to stay on top of their insurance policies matters and more.

Don't worry, we will not flood you with messages and you can opt-out anytime. You can opt-out by texting STOP to 73761.


How often will you text me?

Not very often. Some customers may never receive any text messages from us if their attention is not required.

Can I reply to texts?

Yes, you can. Certain messages will provide reply options if you desire additional information.

Can I turn off text notifications?

Absolutely. You can do it by replying STOP to any of our texts, or by logging into your account and

What kind of messages will you send?

Depending on your preferences, we'll text you when something in your policy needs attention and occasionally offers you may not want to miss.

Will you share my phone number?

No. We value your business and privacy. Visit our policy to learn more.

What happens if I change my number?

That's easy. You can notify us online, or you can speak to a Customer Service Specialists at (800) 493-7879 who will immediately update your information. A confirmation text message will be sent to your new number for verification.

What if my contact information is connected to multiple policies?

If your email address is used for separate policies, your latest preferences will apply to all policies using that email. If you opt-in or opt-out of text or email messages, communication preferences for the other linked policies will be affected.