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Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes May Help You Save

A common mistake most consumers make when shopping for auto insurance is failing to compare quotes from multiple providers. Some may believe it takes too long to receive just one quote or that sticking with the same company for years will give them the best rate available. However, that isn't always the case.

Insurance companies often rely on complicated algorithms and pricing formulas to determine their insurance rates. Because of this, it's possible to receive a different quote from different auto insurance providers. Multiple factors can affect your auto insurance rate, such as:

  • Age and driving experience
  • Vehicle information
  • Zip code data
  • Home ownership
  • Occupation 

Reasons to Shop for Auto Insurance

Why Shop With AIS?

At AIS, we've been helping customers find and compare rates from highly-rated providers for over 55 years.

Our insurance specialists will work hard to find you an affordable auto insurance policy that suits your needs and your budget. Plus, we know how to look for insurance savings, often saving you hundreds of dollars per year.

For a free car insurance quote, speak with an insurance specialist by calling (888) 772-4247.

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