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From the warm Southern charm to the low cost of living, there's a lot to love about living in America's 22nd state. That being said, Alabama is susceptible to a wide variety of harsh weather, from hurricanes and flash flooding on the coast to tornadoes and snowstorms further inland. That's why it is vital that all Alabama drivers have the proper level of Auto Insurance so that they are protected from all types of calamities. It is also required by law.

Auto Insurance rates in Alabama can vary more than you might think from one insurance company to another. That’s where Auto Insurance Specialists can help!

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Required Auto Insurance in Alabama

The type of Auto Insurance that Alabamians are required to have in order to drive legally is called Liability Insurance. This coverage is necessary in case you accidentally cause damage to someone else's vehicle or property while driving. Liability coverage also pays for people who are injured as a result of an accident that you cause. Without Liability coverage, accident victims could file a lawsuit against you and go after your assets like bank accounts, homes and vehicles in order to receive compensation for their injuries or property damage.

State Minimum Liability Coverage in Alabama

  • BI or Bodily Injury: $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident
  • PD or Property Damage: $25,000 per accident

To learn more about specific Auto Insurance coverage, visit our Car Insurance Coverage page.

Optional Coverage in Alabama

There's no law in Alabama that states that you have to settle for minimum Auto Insurance coverage. Should you choose to do so, you can purchase one or more optional insurance policies that cover a broader range of expenses and situations.

Below are some examples you may want to consider:

  • Collision Coverage*: Liability Insurance is sufficient for paying for the damage to other people's property or vehicles. But if your car is dented, smashed up or put out of service, Liability coverage won't pay to get your vehicle fixed. Collision coverage will, if you add it to your policy. Since the average auto shop bill tends to be around $3,000, these expenses could take a big bite out of your budget if you aren't properly insured. 
  • Comprehensive Coverage*: If your car is stolen, burned, vandalized or damaged by weather like hurricanes, floods or hail, Collision Insurance won't pay to get it repaired or replaced. Comprehensive Auto Insurance coverage handles just about every type of mishap that doesn't involve a crash or collision.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Did you know that Alabama is one of the states in the U.S. with the most uninsured drivers? It is estimated that a full 25% of drivers in the state are breaking the law and driving without Liability Insurance. If one of these uninsured or underinsured drivers crashes into you, you may face significant financial problems. But if you purchase Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage, your insurer will foot the bill for any vehicle damage and/or heath care expenses you incur as a result of the collision (within policy limits).
  • Higher Bodily Injury Limits: Even though $50,000 may seem like an ample figure to cover bodily injury-related expenses in the event you're held responsible for an auto accident, medical bills can climb beyond that price point fairly quickly. AIS encourages you to purchase coverage with higher limits for bodily injury. This will help protect your assets if more than one person is injured in a collision that you cause. 
  • Higher Property Damage Limits: Depending on how much you drive, it may be cost efficient to purchase a liability policy with property damage limits that are above the minimum as outlined in Alabama law. Otherwise, if you cause an accident in which multiple vehicles or a private building are damaged, your policy might not cover all of the necessary expenses. This additional coverage is often just a few dollars extra per month - which could be worth it in order to save you the possibility of being left with bills for damages that your insurance doesn't cover.

*Although Collision coverage and Comprehensive coverage are not required by law, they may be required in your car loan or lease contract with the lender.

You are under no obligation to purchase any of these optional Auto Insurance policies. But if you think that they may be right for you, feel free to call us at Auto Insurance Specialists to see about getting additional coverage.

Most Stolen Car Models in Alabama

If your car is on this list, you may find that your Car Insurance rate is higher. According to the, these are the top car models that are stolen in Alabama:

  1. Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)
  2. Ford Pickup (Full Size)
  3. Toyota Camry
  4. Honda Accord
  5. Nissan Altima
  6. GMC Pickup (Full Size)
  7. Dodge Pickup (Full Size)
  8. Chevrolet Impala
  9. Toyota Corolla
  10. Honda Civic

Alabama Auto Insurance Discounts

Everyone wants to save money on their purchases, and Auto Insurance is no exception. Here's the good news: You may qualify for one or more Auto Insurance discounts that are available for drivers in Alabama.

Some examples of these discounts include:

  • Safe Driver
  • Multi-Vehicle
  • Good Student
  • Accident Free
  • Anti-Theft
  • Multi-Policy

And there are even more discounts you could qualify for! To learn more about specific discounts, visit our Discounts page.

Millions of people choose to live in Alabama because of the friendly people, the beautiful scenery and the simple way of life. However, trying to assemble sufficient Auto Insurance coverage can sometimes be difficult, especially for people who aren't familiar with the phrases and terms that are used by insurers. That's where the helpful, experienced professionals at Auto Insurance Specialists can be an invaluable asset to Alabama drivers. For further information and a free quote on an Alabama Auto Insurance policy, call AIS today! 

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Alabama ranks in the top ten states in the nation for having the most uninsured drivers on the roads.

The Alabama Auto Insurance Plan provides Car Insurance for high-risk drivers that cannot obtain coverage in the private market.

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