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Massachusetts Auto Insurance

Beautiful skies and magnificent landscapes are why people choose to live in Massachusetts, along with the approximately, 1,500 miles of coastline that stretches from New Hampshire border to the border of Rhode island. With that many miles of road to cover, there’s plenty of opportunity for unfortunate events to happen as you’re driving. Whether you’ve just moved to Massachusetts or want to get a new car insurance quote, AIS can help ensure that you will have the minimum insurance to legally drive on the road.

Required Massachusetts Auto Insurance

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation states that driving a car in Massachusetts without the minimum required amount of liability coverage is illegal. In order to legally drive in Massachusetts, you must have Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability Coverage, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage, and Uninsured Motorist Coverage.

State Minimum Liability Coverage in Massachusetts

The liability coverage will pay up to the limit for injuries to third parties and damages to their cars, when you are at fault in an accident. Your Auto Insurance must have liability coverage with these minimum amounts:

  • BI or Bodily Injury: $20,000 per person; $40,000 total per accident
  • PD or Property Damage: $5,000 per accident

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Minimum Requirement

  • Personal Injury Protection: $8,000 per person in an accident

Uninsured Motorist Coverage Minimum

  • Bodily Injury: caused by an Uninsured Auto: $20,000 per person; $40,000 total per accident

Optional Coverage in Massachusetts to Consider

The state requirements are the minimum required, that means that you have the option to add on other coverages or higher limits. Most people will add some or all of these coverages because they find that the state required minimums are not enough to cover accident expenses. The following are some of the additional coverages that you can add onto your Massachusetts Auto Insurance Policy:

  • Collision - This coverage pays for damages to your car, caused by collision with another vehicle or object.
  • Comprehensive - This helps with damage expenses to your car, caused by covered losses other than collision such as: vandalism, theft, flood, and fire.
  • Rental - Some or all of your car rental expenses incurred, due to your car being repaired after an accident, will be covered.
  • Towing and labor - All or part of the towing expenses will be reimbursed under this coverage.

Most Stolen Car Models in Massachusetts

According to, in 2013 the following list of cars were the most stolen models in Massachusetts. If your car is vulnerable to theft, you may find that your auto insurance premiums are higher.

  1. Honda Accord
  2. Honda Civic
  3. Dodge Caravan
  4. Toyota Camry
  5. Toyota Corolla
  6. Ford Pickup (Full Size)
  7. Nissan Altima
  8. Honda CR-V
  9. Nissan Maxima
  10. Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee

Massachusetts Auto Insurance Discounts

Asking your Auto Insurance Specialist about your eligibility for these discounts can help lower your rate. However, the best way to keep your rates low is to maintain a good driving record and to drive safely at all times.

  • Excellent Driver Discount Plus
  • Excellent Driver Discount

To learn more about specific discounts, visit our Discounts page.

Massachusetts is a great place to be, just about every town has a building or landmark that played an important role in our country’s history. There are tons of places to explore, but all usually involve some distance of driving. Making sure that you’re protected financially and legally, with the required auto insurance will keep your time on the road fun. For those that don’t want to spend days looking for the best rates and coverage amongst hundreds of carriers, AIS is here to help. We do the work for you and present you with the best auto insurance rates and coverage from our 30+ partners. The helpful, experienced professionals at AIS Auto Insurance Specialists can be an instrumental asset to Massachusetts drivers. For information and a free quote on a Massachusetts auto insurance policy, call AIS today!

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