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Montana Auto Insurance

The beautiful Montana skies drew more than 1 million residents to establish their life in this state. As a resident, you have access to some of the best fishing spots and gorgeous, open terrain. With so many places to discover, you’ll be driving around a lot. Driving comes with some dangers that we can’t predict or prevent. To protect yourself against common causes such as collision, getting the proper Auto Insurance coverage through AIS should be your top priority before you drive.

Auto Insurance rates in Montana can vary more than you might think from one insurance company to another. Auto Insurance Specialists has knowledgeable, licensed agents that can help you determine which coverage is best for you and your budget.

Required Auto Insurance in Montana

Montana legally requires drivers to carry Auto Insurance with a minimum Liability Insurance coverage. Having Liability coverage helps you pay for damages or injuries that are caused by the insured car. Making sure that you meet the minimum Liability coverage for Montana will give you peace of mind because you’ll know that you’re on the road legally and with help paying for incidents when the time comes. You really don’t want to be paying for accident damages out of pocket. Not having the minimum Auto Insurance in Montana can result in fines, jail time, suspension or revocation or your driver’s license, and points on your record.

State Minimum Liability Coverage in Montana

  • BI or Bodily Injury: $25,000 per person; $50,000 for injuries to multiple people in an accident
  • PD or Property Damage: $20,000 per accident

To learn more about specific Auto Insurance coverage, visit our Car Insurance Coverage page.

Optional Coverage in Montana

Having the minimum Liability coverage allows you to drive on the road without getting in trouble for not being insured, however it likely isn’t enough coverage. There are optional coverages that are available to you to add onto your Montana Auto Insurance policy that you should consider for more financial protection from the unavoidable.

Below are some examples of Montana Auto Insurance coverages that you can add to your policy:

  • Collision Coverage*: This coverage will help you pay for the damages that happens to your own car in a collision.
  • Comprehensive Coverage*: This will help pay for the damages to your car from non-accident related causes, such as a fire, vandalism or flood.
  • Medical Payments: This coverage will help pay for costs associated with your medical fees after an accident.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: If you have an accident with another motorist that doesn’t have Auto Insurance or not enough, this coverage pays for costs associated with the accident.

*Although Collision coverage and Comprehensive coverage are not required by law, they may be required in your car loan or lease contract with the lender.

You are under no obligation to purchase any of these optional Auto Insurance policies, but they can provide you with a better peace of mind while you're on the road. If you're considering adding any of these optional coverages, contact a knowledgeable AIS agent today for assistance.

Most Stolen Cars in Montana

If your car is on this list, you may find that your Car Insurance rate is higher. According to the, these are the top car models that are stolen in Montana:

  1. Ford Pickup (Full Size)
  2. Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)
  3. Honda Accord
  4. Dodge Pickup (Full Size)
  5. GMC Pickup (Full Size)
  6. Honda Civic
  7. Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee
  8. Chevrolet Impala
  9. Subaru Legacy
  10. Dodge Caravan

Montana Auto Insurance Discounts

Montana may be an affordable place to live, but Auto Insurance can get costly if you don’t have a clean driving record. Talk to your AIS agent to see if you might be able to apply any offered discounts to your current or new policy. Here are several Auto Insurance discounts that you may qualify for in Montana:

  • Good Driver
  • Good Student
  • Multi-Car
  • Homeowners
  • Anti-Theft
  • Safety Device

To learn more about specific discounts, visit our Discounts page.

People choose to live in Montana because of the beautiful skies and views of nature right from their front porch. There are many places to go on an adventure all over the state and they all tend to involve some distance of driving. Staying financially and legally protected with the required Auto Insurance will keep your drives more enjoyable. For those that don’t want to spend hours searching for low rates and the best coverage amongst hundreds of carriers, AIS can help. We do the searching for you, finding the best rates and coverage from our 30+ high-quality partners. The knowledgeable professionals at AIS can be an excellent asset to Montana drivers. For information and a free quote on a Montana Auto Insurance policy, call us at AIS today!

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About Montana

The density of the state of Montana is only six people per square mile.

Montana is also known as the Big Sky State.

Notable Montana Attractions

Glacier National Park

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

The Moss Mansion