Learn how to score lower insurance rates

Reliable Car Insurance Is Worth It

Let’s face it, no one likes paying for Car Insurance and no one wants to pay more than they have to. Some people turn to disreputable insurance companies that disappoint them when it comes time to make a claim. Others forego the minimum required insurance thinking they are saving money. “I’ll never get into an accident,” they tell themselves.

However, being an under- or uninsured driver is not worth it. If you’re found at fault for an accident, you will likely face some stiff fines or heavy out-of-pocket costs. Having useless coverage or not having any insurance at all are the worst ways to try and beat the system. Luckily, there are some smart ways of getting the lowest rates insurance companies have to offer.

1. Comparison Shop and Do it Early

As important as it is, calling around for multiple rates from various carriers is not one of life’s joys. The reality, however, is that we often pay far too much when we don’t shop and compare rates. When you travel, you use Expedia or Kayak to compare airfare, so why wouldn’t you do the same with Car Insurance? Beware of brokers who charge a fee for providing you with quotes from different insurance companies. An agency like AIS will search Auto Insurance coverage options and let you compare the outcomes without charging any fee whatsoever. Some people assume that customer loyalty will win them the best rates, but the truth is that sometimes you have to see what else is out there to get a lower rate. Also, your chances of finding a lower rate are better if you’re not doing it last minute before your policy expires.

2. Understand Your Policy

Chances are that if you have a brand-new car you will want to carry a considerable amount of coverage to protect it in the case of an accident, vandalism or theft. Some people, however, never adjust their initial policy even years after they first bought it. If you have an older vehicle it may make sense to drop or lower some types of coverage, especially if you know the vehicle is no longer worth very much. At the same time, you must take other factors into consideration, like needing to rent a car in the case of an accident. Of course, no one can see into the future to predict what will happen when we get out on the road. Still, a knowledgeable Insurance Specialist you trust can help you get the coverage that’s right for you.

3. Ask For Discounts

Different insurance companies offer different discounts to customers. Like anything else, if you don’t ask for a discount, chances are it won’t be applied to your policy. Are you a good student? Do you have a master’s degree? Well, tell your agent! Auto Insurance Specialists take these discounts into account when searching for the best rates and the best coverage. Also, if you own a motorcycle or home, or have Renters Insurance on an apartment, you may save hundreds by bundling several insurance products under one carrier.

4. Increase Your Deductible

Only do this if you have the money to pay for a larger deductible in the event of a loss.  However, if monthly savings are a priority, increasing your deductible is probably the fastest and easiest way to lower your monthly payments.

Let AIS Compare Rates For You

AIS can provide you with free quotes in minutes at no cost to you. 

Additionally, AIS customers save an average of $655 a year when an Insurance Specialist compares multiple top-rated carriers at once for the best coverage at the best price.

Auto Insurance Specialists has been finding drivers reliable and affordable Auto Insurance policies for over 50 years, so you know we can find you a premium that's right for you.