Online quotes are a useful financial planning tool

Online insurance quotes are a useful guide to what you can reasonably expect in terms of premiums and coverage, but they will mostly likely not be your final prices. There are many factors that determine each individual policy’s rate. Until an agent collects all relevant information from you, an online quote is only an estimate.

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Comparing Rates & Coverage

Collecting several quotes from multiple insurers allows you to easily compare rates and coverage options. Remember that rates vary widely from one insurance company to another.

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Free Quotes In Minutes

Getting an insurance quote has never been easier or faster. You no longer have to worry about business hours or locations. Enter your driver history and vehicle information to receive a free online insurance quote in minutes.

Why Choose AIS For Online Insurance Quotes?

Receiving an online quote from AIS saves you time and money. Instead of repeating the quoting process multiple times with the individual insurance companies you’re considering, AIS can generate several quotes for you at once from dozens of top carriers.